Picture of Yvonne Wechuli

M.A. Yvonne Wechuli

Technical University of Munich

Chair of Sociology of Diversity (Prof. Wacker)

Postal address

Georg-Brauchle-Ring 60_62
80992 München

Short Profile

Yvonne Wechuli (b. 1986) studied Rehabilitation Sciences (M.A.) with a focus on “Structures of the Rehabilitation System” at the Technische Universität Dortmund. She investigated neighbourly assistance in multi-generation housing projects. As a Coordinator of Studies, she managed the reaccreditation process of the Rehabilitation Sciences M.A. programme while acquiring proficiency in the development of inclusive higher education.

In the context of „StudiumEngagiert“ [ComittedStudying] a project initiated with fellow-students Jana York and Roland Breker, she established a coordination centre to promote student service learning and she launched interdisciplinary student projects in cooperation with local non-profit organisations.

As the elected volunteers’ representative in the so-called “ASA-Programm”, a development policy learning network, her main activities centred on the diversity-friendly design of volunteering (inclusive volunteering) as well as on participative learning techniques.

In May 2014, she joined the Sociology of Diversity Chair at the Technical University of Munich.