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Beside the specialised publications to be found here, the following PDF document provides a comprehensive list of themes (last updated: July 2013): literature list (in German).

  • sociological basics, introductions, encyclopaedias
  • social structure, social situation
  • social policy
  • education, upbringing, socialisation
  • children, teenagers, elderly persons
  • families
  • work, gainful employment
  • health, sickness
  • social problems
  • methods in empirical social research and academic research

Literature on questions and themes linked to disabilit

  • basics: definitions, understandings of disability, attitudes
  • concepts, visions, paradigms, law
  • health, sickness and disability
  • disability policy, care systems
  • historical aspects, international comparisons
  • services for disabled people, self-help
  • quality of life, quality of care systems
  • social professions
  • personal circumstances, ways of life, biographies 
  • segregation, 3rd Reich
  • childhood, youth
  • education, schooling, studying
  • work, gainful employment
  • living, outpatient and inpatient
  • families, cohabitations
  • sexuality, romantic partnership
  • girls, women
  • ageing, old age