Diversity, Identity and Political Participation in the European Multi-Level Governance System: Political Participation of Persons with Disabilities in Germany and Italy

Different contexts of societal diversity (e.g. persons with disabilities, national minorities, persons with a migratory background), diversity-related constructions of individual and collective identity and the desire to participate in and have an impact on policy-making processes constitute the main research interests. The current research project, a comparative analysis of the political participation of persons with disabilities in Germany and Italy, is also set within the above-mentioned theoretical framework. The project places a special regional focus on Bavaria and South Tyrol, as the thresholds for political participation are lower on the regional level, which citizens perceive to be “closer” to the realities of their daily lives. “Top-down” (legal and socio-political framework conditions, political parties, institutions) and “bottom-up” (civil society, self-advocacy organizations, networking) processes will be analyzed. Both Bavaria and South Tyrol hold regional elections in 2018, providing an especially interesting frame for comparative research. Data collection will be completed by the end of 2018, project completion is expected for 2020. 

Dr. Katharina Crepaz

Decentralisation in Middle Franconia

Short Description:

  • Academic process evaluation of four pilot projects on the decentralisation of services for persons with disabilities in the Middle Franconia district
  • typo3/#_msocom_1Establishment of local research competence in the model regions through training of co-researchers
  • Development of an outpatient service development index as an orientation and benchmark for good outpatient service provision in the context of integration assistance

Project Manager: Prof. Elisabeth Wacker

Project Collaborator: Yvonne Wechuli, M.A.

Duration: 2015 - 2018

Funding: Bezirk Mittelfranken [Middle Franconia District]

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Index for participation development and quality of life of persons with disabilities” (TeLe-Index) pilot project

Short Description:

  • Evaluation and steering of the transformation processes in a residential facility of the “Eingliederungshilfe” [integration support] (Franziskuswerk Schönbrunn) – Vision 2030

Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Wacker

Project Collaborators: M.A. Sarah Reker, M.A./Dipl. Volksw. Christiane Kellner

Duration: 2014-2017

Funding: Bavarian State Ministry for Labour, Social Affairs, Family and Integration/Upper Bavaria District [Bayerisches Staatsministerium Soziales/Bezirk Oberbayern], Franziskuswerk Schönbrunn

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