Sociology of diversity chair

One of the major social challenges of the future is how to successfully cope with difference and diversity.

The Sociology of Diversity team at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences conducts research at the intersection between health, society and sport. Our team focuses on issues of exclusion and inclusion especially from the perspective of disability and impairment. Key aspects of our research include opportunities for healthy growth and development, societal transformations in the wake of demographic evolution, as well as the influence of equal opportunity rights (linked to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) on the environment (such as education and health systems, the social economy, public care, adaptive environments, technical/architectural infrastructure and participative structures). Our main spheres of activity are the evolving systems and structures of prevention, rehabilitation and inclusion (from a national and international perspective) and their respective influence on quality of life for persons living with impairment. We develop and test new ways of analysing help and care requirements as well as performance monitoring. 

With regards to societal innovation processes, the chair of sociology of diversity cooperates with stakeholders from civil society, economy and politics, and is involved cross-faculty in areas of diversity.