Gender & Diversity

The Department of Sport and Health sciences considers diversity, i.e. the individual and cultural differences of their students and staff members, to be a special potential. It promotes an educational and occupational environment based on appreciation and equal opportunity so that each member of the department can develop his/her individual capabilities and resources independent of their gender, nationality, age, disability, sexual orientation and religion. Hereby, we orient ourselves on the diversity code of conduct of the TUM.

In the year 2012, the Diversity Objective Agreement was finalized together with the university administration. Herein, the objectives of the Department of Sports and Health Sciences are formulated, as well as the measures to improve the individual goals.

Gender and Diversity Management are considered by the faculty to be cross-sectional tasks and they would like to promote a conscious interaction in all of these fields. In order to achieve this, the topic is perceived as a management responsibility and consequently to be carried out substantially by faculty management (a top-down approach).

The implementation of these measures and the optimization and changing procedures are accompanied by the diversity committee. The diversity committee is fixated at the executive level and is made up of Prof. Dr. Oberhoffer (Dean), Prof. Dr. Wacker (Professorship for Sociology of Diversity), Dr. Lorenzen (Managing Director), Dr. Olufemi (Women's Representative) and Ms. Göttler (Diversity Appointee).