The research project "TEMPiS - GÖA - Health Economic Analysis of the Flying Intervention Team as a New Stroke Care System in Rural Areas" is funded by the Innovation Fund of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). Under the consortium leadership of Prof. Leonie Sundmacher, the health economic evaluation of the new care model "Flying Intervention Team (TEMPiS-FIT)" is carried out within the framework of this project together with the Munich Harlaching Clinic and the German statutory health insurances AOK Bayern, BARMER Landesvertretung Bayern and BKK Landesverband Bayern.

The new care model is part of the TEMPiS network which is already established in regular care and aims at closing the care gap of ischaemic stroke patients with large vessel occlusions in rural areas. In the case of ischaemic stroke, the rapid restoration of the blood supply to the affected area of the brain is a central factor in order to reduce or completely prevent short- and long-term impairments. In order to ensure comprehensive care without affecting the efficiency and skills of rural clinics, a mobile intervention team works within the framework of TEMPiS-FIT since 2018, bringing the patients directly to the their hospital by helicopter. The aim is to ensure high-quality medical care close to the patient's home and to strengthen the existing telemedicine networks at the same time.

The project started in May 2020 with a term of three and a half years.

The main contacts for this project are Tobias Bock and Marie Coors.


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The project TEMPiS-GÖÄ started on 1st May 2020.


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