Cardiolotse - Development of a Care Model to Improve Post-Hospital Further Treatment Using the Example of Cardiological Diseases


The project "Cardiolotse - Development of a Care Model to Improve Post-Hospital Further Treatment Using the Example of Cardiological Diseases" is funded by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) in the category of new forms of care with approximately 4.6 million euros over the project period of three years. In cooperation with the German health insurance AOK Nordost as consortium leader and Vivantes Hospital Group as consortium partner, a care model for improved further treatment after an inpatient hospital stay is getting developed. A medical professional with an appropriate additional qualification, a so-called ”Cardiolotse”, accompany patients with chronic heart disease - personally and by telephone - during and especially after an inpatient hospital stay. Critical health situations should thus be recognized at an early stage and appropriate measures should be initiated. The Cardiolotse thus pursues the approach of "talking medicine", independent of the socio-economic status and origin of the patient.

In order to be able to determine the effectiveness of the Cardiolotse, the progression of the disease in the intervention group is getting compared with that of a control group to examine the extent in which the accompaniment by a Cardiolotse can lead to the patient’s rehospitalization less frequently. In addition, it will be recorded whether they live longer and with a higher quality of life.

The main contact for this project is Marie Coors.


Latest News

Even in times of the Covid-19 pandemic, the "Cardiolotsen" and their medical management are available to the patients. It became apparent how important it is especially for the high-risk patients to have their personal point of contact. The patients not only show a need for medical expertise, they also have organisational concerns. The full report by Prof. Dr. Darius on this topic is published on the project homepage.

In the current issue of the journal "Monitor Versorgungsforschung", the project "Cardiolotse" is presented under the heading "Eine Idee auf dem langen Weg in die Regelversorgung". The Chair of Health Economics is carrying out the evaluation in the project.

A current message about the project has been published on the project homepage.


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