“MINT Bewegung ans Ziel” – Future day 2019 at the Gymnasium of Miesbach

Korbinian Ksoll and Denis Holzer

To rise the interest of young pupils on STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; German: MINT), the “Innovationsmanufaktur” organized the future day at the gymnasium of Miesbach. After greeting by Ilse Aigner, current president of Bavarian State Parliament, about 100 pupils had the chance to discover STEM actively by movement. At the station of Denis and Korbinian, the girls and boys learned fundamental physics of jumping, i.e. “What is force?”, by collecting own data using a force plate and camera. The pupils´ question how to improve jump height, was answered by testing different jump styles, e.g. countermovement jump with/ without arm swing. After that, the group tried together to explain the differences in jump height comparing the force-time curves and recorded videos.