"Fooling the Size-Weight-Illusion": A new article from Nina Rohrbach in the Journal "Virtual Reality" shows how one can overcome the well-known illusion using Augmented-Reality

Rohrbach, N., Hermsdörfer, J., Huber, L-M, Thierfelder, A., Buckingham, G. (2021). Fooling the size-weight illusion – Using augmented reality to eliminate the effect of size on perceptions of heaviness and sensorimotor prediction.


Little is known about how external computer-generated images are treated by the sensorimotor system of the user – are they fully integrated into the external environmental cues, or largely ignored by low-level perceptual and motor processes? We examined this question using augmented reality to overlay semi-transparent holographic cubes atop real-world cubes using a head-mounted display which should induce the size-weight illusion. Please find our results here.

It´s all Open Access: If you have access to a HoloLens and want to try yourself, the code can be found here https://github.com/athierfelder/size-weight-illusion

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