Invitation to our "Colloquium on sensorimotor control" Online via Zoom, 17.12.2020, 5:15 pm

Dr. B. Sattler (Beratungs- und Informationsstelle für Linkshänder und umgeschulte Linkshänder e.V., München), Dr. C. Marquardt (Science & Motion GmbH, München/ Flörsheim) und L. Stetter (TU München) "Handwriting with the left hand: Kinematics and observations from a training to write with the left hand in adult converted left-handers"


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This colloquium reports the findings from a collaboration project of the Chair of Human Movement Science with the “Beratungs- und Informationsstelle für Linkshänder und umgeschulte Linkshänder e.V.” and the Research Department of “Science&Motion GmbH”. Frau Sattler will start with reporting her experience with advising left-handers and parents of left-handed children as well as her training approaches (this part will be in German language). Christian Marquardt will then introduce some rules and observations of the kinematics of writing with the left hand. Then Laura Stetter will present the results of her thesis, where she evaluated the data of a training program conducted at the “Beratungsstelle für Linkshänder”. A group of adult left-handers who learned handwriting with their non-dominant right hand during their childhood participated in a 2-year training program to relearn writing with the dominant left hand. The colloquium will present the outcome of the training in comparison with the performance of the right-hand of the training group and the left hand of a control group of left-handers who always wrote the left hand. We found indices of a sensitive phase for the perfect learning of handwriting.