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M.A. Ulrike Fettke

Technical University of Munich

Postal address

Georg-Brauchle-Ring 60_62
80992 München

Place of employment

Dean's Office Dekanat SG

Georg-Brauchle-Ring 60_62(2941)/III
80992 München

Short Profile

Ulrike Fettke has been a post-doc research associate in the research project "WohL-Wohnungsleerstand wandeln" (Converting housing vacancies) at the Chair of Diversity Sociology at the Technical University of Munich since July 2020. Her teaching and research focus is on urban research, in particular on transformation, ecology and health, and qualitative methods of empirical social research.

In the research project WohL, motives and causes for vacant housing in the district of Dachau are explored. Using participatory methods approaches to solutions are developed.

From 2014-2020, Ulrike Fettke worked at the Institute for Social Sciences at the University of Stuttgart in the Department of Organizational and Innovation Sociology where she participated on several research projects on the transformation of the energy system and taught qualitative social research. At the University of Stuttgart, she completed her B.A. in Social Sciences in 2011, her M.A. in empirical political and social research in 2013 and her doctoral studies in 2020.