Short Profile

Fabian Karsch’s (b. 1979) research focuses on the sociology of health. His main interests include a sociology of biopolitical relations, social transformations in public health, opportunities for participative health provision and the medicalization of norm variants. Other pursuits revolve around human-machine interaction as well as ethical aspects in healthcare and medicine.

He studied sociology, psychology and European ethnology at the Universität Augsburg (M.A.) and worked there as a research associate in the “Reflexive Modernisation” special research field [SFB 536]. In 2008, he was awarded a doctoral grant from the foundation Villigst e.V. in the research consortium “Biomedicine – Social Interpretative Patterns and Social Practice”. He then worked as a project coordinator at the Institute Technology-Theology-Natural Sciences (TTN) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and as a lecturer at the Universität Augsburg. He completed his PhD in Sociology in 2014.

Fabian Karsch joined the Sociology of Diversity Chair in July 2015.

In 2020, Fabian Karsch accepted an appointment as Professor of Social and Health Sciences at the HSD (Regensburg location) and also holds the position of Dean of Studies of Medical Education there.

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