Jennifer Eckhardt

Short Profile

Jennifer Eckhardt completed her M.A. in Rehabilitation Sciences with a focus on “rehabilitation theory” at the Technische Universität Dortmund in 2013. Her current research centres on the investigation of the transformations affecting the welfare state and its social protection systems. She especially focuses on the mechanisms of institutional assistance systems and the effects these have on their users. From a sociobiographical perspective, she examines what chances and risks emerge at various intersections according to how long users have been dependent on these systems. Jennifer Eckhardt has been a Research Associate at the TU Dortmund since April 2014 and in the context of a cooperation project between the Universities of Duisburg-Essen and Dortmund, her research concentrates on donation-sponsored social services and charitable organisations that distribute donated items as poverty reduction strategies. In April 2014, she joined the Technical University of Munich to take part in the “Participation Check” pilot project that aims to produce a new form of social reporting on the “Conditions of Life of Persons with Impairments and Disabilities” in the City of Duisburg.

In July 2015, she moved to the Technical University of Dortmund, Social Research Center.