In a pitch on the German Government's Participation Report "Health - Opportunities for Participation - Risks of Discrimination. Health in All Policies as a cross-sectional task in the context of impairments and disabilities", Prof. Elisabeth Wacker contributed to getting the experts…

The WohL project brings together proven experts from the Dachau district to explore customised solutions in view of the local housing shortage and the existing housing vacancy.

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Wacker, head of the Chair of Sociology of Diversity, was significantly involved as well in the 3rd Participation Report of the Federal Government as Chairwoman of the Scientific Advisory Board on the living conditions of people with impairments. This was…

The faculty welcomes Bonventure Obeka as their new PhD candidate.

Update on the supervision of bachelor/master thesis

The opening event of the research project "WohL – Worthy places for un-used spaces!” took place in Hebertshausen.

The Corona Pandemic in Special Living Arrangements for People with Disabilities. Snapshots and Future Planning on Equality and Participation in Health Care in 2020

Summer School on urban sociological perspective

Participatory development of new concepts for re-purposing vacant or seldom-used housing in the Dachau district

Please see the recent announcement to our students regarding changes to teaching in the summer semester in the wake of COVID-19.