Grundlagenforschung und anwendungsorientiert-biomechanische Fragestellungen in den Bereichen des Leistungs- und Gesundheitssports, sowie der Rehabilitation und Prävention.

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Amrei will work in the BEWARE project.

What to stretch? - Isolated proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching of either quadriceps or triceps surae followed by post-stretching activities alters tissue stiffness and jump performance

Kathrin has started her work at our Associate Professorship of Biomechanics in Sports.

Comparison between the Original- and a Standardized Version of a Physical Assessment Test for the Dorsal Chain - A Cohort-Based Cross Sectional Study

Zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt sucht die Professur für Biomechanik im Sport Unterstützung bei der Durchführung von zwei Projekten.

Invited Review: A comparison of a single bout of stretching or foam rolling on range of motion in healthy adults

Comparison of Different Approaches Estimating Skeletal Muscle Oxygen Consumption Using Continuous-Wave Near-Infrared Spectroscopy at a Submaximal Contraction Level—A Comparative Study

Movement Coordination during Functional Single-Leg Squat Tests in Healthy, Recreational Athletes