Friday 24.04.2015

09-11 Registration
11-12Keynote: Evidence based classification for winter sport
12-13Oral session. Presentations 1&2
13-14Oral session. Presentations 3&4
14-15 Coffe break
15-16Oral session. Presentations 5&6&7
from 17Social event. Frühlingsfest München

Saturday 25.04.2015

10-11Keynote: Endurance training - new insights into old problems
11-12Oral session. Presentations 8&9
12-13 Lunch
13-14Oral session. Presentation 10&11
14-15Panel discussion
15-16Farewell & coffee


  1. Nordic sit-skiing classsification project
  2. Isokinetic upper-body strength testing for sit-skiers-a useful tool?
  3. External forces and muscle activation in sit-skiers during GS
  4. Lactate values of Paralympic alpine skiing in training and racing situations
  5. The effect of a Paralympic Wintersports experience on able bodied skiers & snowboarders 
  6. Sarkoma on Ski: Individual concepts of integration in winter sports activities after multimodal pediatric anticancer therapy and surgery
  7. The analysis of the adaptive ski instructors training programmes in English-speaking ISIA member countries
  8. Differences in laboratory and on-ice capacities between world-class ice sledge hockey players with an amputation and a spinal cord defect
  9. International image of elite Paralympic sports exemplified by the discilpine of alpine skiing
  10. A systematic race course & performance analysis in Paralympic Alpine Skiing Giant-slslom of the 2014/15 season
  11. Comparison of Alpine Skiing and Paralympic Alpine Skiing velocities and inertia in speed and technical events