State approved freelance physical education teachers

Information regarding the training

Admission requirements, contents, examinations


1. Admission requirements for this course of studies

1.1 Completion of the 18th year of life at the latest by December 31st of the year in which the studies are to be started.

1.2 Graduate from a middle school according to Art. 25 of the Bavarian law on Education and Schooling (BayEUG) or minimally "a junior high school diploma".

1.3 Fully fir for sport; evidence by way of a medical certificate (not more than 3 months old).

1.4 An unblemished reputation; an official certificate of good conduct (not more than 3 months old). This evidence does not apply in the event that these studies immediately follow other schooling or employment in a public office.

1.5 Passing of the aptitude test

1.6 Sufficient knowledge of the spoken and written German.

2. Duration of the education

6 semesters (3 years)

3. Status during the education

Vocational student

4. Conclusion

State examination

5. Occupational title

State approved freelance physical education instructor

6. Contents of the education

Sport practice in the didactic field:

Basic subjects Individual sports:

Fitness / conditioning, artistic gymnastics, gymnastics/dance, track and field athletics, swimming, skiing

Game types of sport: Basketball, soccer, handball, volleyball

Primary focus of selection: According to selection, see above.

Elective subjects, e.g..: tennis, rock climbing, windsurfing

Special sport-theoretical field: Lectures in all of the subjects noted above

General sport-theoretical field: Lectures, seminars, practice in movement sciences, media didactics, sport biology/sport medicine, sport pedagogics, sport psychology, sport sociology, sport-administrative law, training sciences

Practical course: 2x14 days in schools, clubs, etc.


7. Examinations

1st Examination part 1 (after the 3rd semester):

Practical sports: Basketball, artistic gymnastics, volleyball. skiing

Specific sport theory: Basketball, artistic gymnastics, volleyball, skiing

General sport theory: Sport biology (anatomy, physiology), sport history, exam in sport biology

1st Examination part 2 (after the 4th semester):

Practical sports: Gymnastics/dance, fitness/conditioning, soccer, handball, athletics, swimming

Specific sport theory: Gymnastics/dance, fitness/conditioning, soccer, handball, track and field athletics, swimming

General sport theory: Exam in movement sciences/biomechanics, exam in didactics

2nd examination = final exam: (after the 6th semester):

Primary focus of selection: Specific sport theory including homework, practice, teaching suitability

Elective subjects: Specific sport theory, practice

Examination teaching-tests: with children, juveniles and adults

General sport-theory: Sport-pedagogics, sport psychology, working with the young

8. Information on the suitability examination

See information sheet on training to become a freelance physical education teacher.

Management for the course of studies to become a freelance physical education teacher

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